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Meet Wake, your social dream journal.

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Dreams are important to our health, well being and sleep. We're here to help you better understand how you dream and connect you with people who dream about the same dreams as you. 



Keep your dreams organized


Choose to share or not share dreams

Alarm Clock

Never forget to post a dream

Social Dreaming

Share, comment and connect together


Save favorite dreams you find

Dream Connect

Discover who had the same dream

Find Dreams

Search for dreams

Dream Download

Backup your dreams

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Real-time dream insights

Dreamer Bot

(Coming Soon) Uses dream dictionary

Private or public dream journal


  •  Post dreams (Publicly or Privately)

  • Track emotions 

  • Track dream types

  • Document dreams with timestamps

  • Download your dreams  

Dream Alarm Clock


  • Remind yourself when to post dreams and never miss another dream.


  • Use the alarm clock to assist in dream recall. Set it to go off within 6 minutes after you plan to wake.


Get social with dreams


  • Share dreams with the world

  • Use Dream Connect to connect with people who had the same dream

  • Discuss and comment on dreams

  • Follow other dreamers

  • Favorite dreams


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Find specific dreams and items


  • Search hashtags

  • Search dream items

  • Find dreams

  • Find similar dreams 

  • Find new dreams


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March 30, 2018

“It's so easy to find others who have had the same dreams I've experienced. It's like tapping into their minds!” - Josh L.

Download the Wake social dream journal and post your nightly dreams in seconds. Keep them private or Wake with fellow dreamers and enter the world of dreams.
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